Our Story

Alberto Jimenez, Founder of CertiPro

Hi I'm Alberto, the founder of CertiPro.

I want to share a brief story about how CertiPro can make your life easier.

In 2003, after many years of managing projects, I decided to pursue a professional certification.

Every 3-6 months I’d revise my career development plan and add “obtain Project Management Certification”; but eventually time just passed.

One day I decided to just do it, and began to research what it would take to get certified. The process was complex, but I was determined.

Once I understood all the requirements, I had another problem: which certification do I even qualify for?

I procrastinated for months just thinking about how to document my experience and education.

That's when I decided to approach this from a different angle.

I developed a model to help me document all my education and working experience, but more importantly to measure how my experience fit into the different Project Management Certification requirements.

It made the whole process, and my life so much easier!

Project Management Professionals

Over the years, I’ve shared that model with over one hundred people who got their Project Management Certifications.

In 2017, I decided to take that model to the next level. To create an app that allowed you to not only get certified, but also maintain your current certifications.

The goal was to make your life easier.

Introducing CertiPro

Mockup of CertiPro's welcome screens.

What does it do?

Whether it's achieving or maintaining a certification, CertiPro is here to help. CertiPro easily documents your progress in a mobile way.

Achieving a Project Management Certification

Mockup of CertiPro's profile setup screens.
Mockup of CertiPro's dashboard screens.

Maintaining a Certification

With CertiPro, you can focus on managing your certification goals and stop worrying about how to do it. It just makes life easier.

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